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UWC Scholarships for Afghan Student
  • Apply Before: Nov-01-2023
9 months ago
UWC Scholarships for Afghan Student

About UWC Scholarships:

Afghan students residing either in Afghanistan or as refugees in any other country are invited to apply through the UWC National Committee of Afghanistan. Please note that if you are a permanent resident or citizen of a country other than Afghanistan, you should apply through the respective UWC National Committee of your country or permanent residence.

This year, in a departure from the previous procedure, the application process will be completely online, facilitating participation from any global location without the logistics concerns that typically accompany the selection procedure.


Scholarship Details:

- Application Start Date: September 14, 2023

- Deadline: November 01, 2023

- Location: Available in 16 different countries

- Program Degree: School Degree

- Scholarship Type: Fully Funded

- Duration: 2 years

- Gender: Open to all


Scholarship Requirements:

  • - Applicants should be born between August 1, 2003, and September 1, 2007, with an age range of 15-17 years.
  • - Submission of a valid Tazkira and/or Afghan passport is mandatory. Applications without these documents will be rejected.
  • - Individuals must complete the application independently; any indication of external assistance will lead to disqualification.
  • - Please provide a valid email address and phone number to facilitate communication. Applications lacking these details will be rejected.


Selection Criteria:

Selection by the UWC National Committee of Afghanistan will be based on the following criteria:


- If selected, you will be responsible for arranging necessary travel documentation (passport, visa, etc.). Note that visa issuance is not guaranteed and failing to secure a visa can result in the cancellation of the UWC offer.

Parental Consent:

- As the UWC scholarship encompasses a two-year residential program (with separate accommodations for male and female students), parental consent is vital for the application to be considered.

Key Attributes:

- Intellectual Curiosity and Motivation: Display an earnest interest in understanding the world, with the ability to critically analyze various local and global issues.

- Active Commitment: Demonstrate the ability to ethically and bravely act in alignment with personal values, even challenging or reflecting upon the values of one's family and community.

- Social Competence: Exhibit the capacity for respectful interaction and collaboration with others, demonstrating communicative adaptability across diverse situations and audiences in seeking solutions.

- Resilience, Personal Responsibility, and Integrity: Showcase the ability to maintain physical and emotional well-being during adversities, with a strong commitment to uphold the values of UWC, coupled with humility and a willingness to learn.

- Motivation: Prove a strong motivation to contribute actively to the UWC community and promote its principles.


Fields of Study:

  • - Literature and Language
  • - Language Acquisition
  • - Individuals and Societies
  • - Sciences
  • - Mathematics
  • - Arts and Culture


Application Process:

1. Apply online through the designated website and complete your eligibility profile.

2. Select "UWC National Committee" as your route of application, unless opting for the UWC Global Selection Program.

3. Late or incomplete applications will not be entertained.

4. Post submission, check for a confirmation email from UWC acknowledging receipt of your application.

5. If no confirmation email is received, contact UWC at or 


For further details, please visit the official UWC scholarship program website.



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