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Job Description

Job Details:

The purpose of the position is to manage and oversee construction, repair, installation of cold chain equipment, maintenance, and care of vaccines, and distribution of vaccines to all 34 provinces of the country to provide effective health services in line with the national strategy of the Ministry of Public Health.


Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Specialized Tasks:

  a. Collect data on vaccines and cold chain equipment, analyze installation, and oversee the national and provincial technical cold chain repairs and maintenance.

  b. Collaborate with the National Cold Chain Officer, including vaccine needle supply, vaccine spare parts, and technical supplies.

  c. Conduct a national, provincial, and district cold chain assessment using the software.

  d. Establish a software network for the effective management of vaccine storage at the national, district, and provincial levels.

  e. Manage and oversee construction, repair, and installation of cold chain equipment.


2. Managerial Tasks:

  a. Collect figures on cold chain equipment such as vaccine carrier refrigerators.

  b. Travel to provinces to inspect the cold chain network and provide on-site training for staff.

  c. Conduct cold chain training at the national and provincial levels.

  d. Procure and complete vaccine supplies and equipment for districts and provinces.

  e. Prepare and send monthly reports on vaccine inventory, supply status, cold chain equipment condition, the need for additional vaccines, supply requirements, and equipment status.


3. Coordination Tasks:

  a. Participate in coordination meetings with funding institutions and other stakeholders regarding the supply of vaccines and cold chain equipment.

  b. Coordinate comprehensively with zones and provinces across the country regarding vaccines and cold chain equipment.

  c. Develop an annual work plan in coordination and consultation with the Cold Chain Officer.

  d. Execute other activities related to the assigned task delegated by superiors.



1. Must be an Afghan citizen.

2. Age should be between 18 and 64.

3. Educational Background: Biomedical Engineer or Technician in Biomedical.

4. Work Experience: Two years of previous work experience in similar positions and familiarity with the cold chain exemption program system.

5. Required Skills:

  a. Proficiency in national languages.

  b. Proficiency in English.

  c. Computer skills in programs related to the task.