Administrative and financial officer
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Job Description

Job Details:

The primary aim of this position is to elevate administrative, managerial, and human resources functions to a centralized level while orchestrating activities pertaining to the exemption program at the national level for all provinces, in accordance with the department's requirements.


Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Specialized Assignments:

  a. Acquire official correspondence, receive it promptly, and respond according to the directives of the department head.

  b. Fulfill office needs, including procuring stationery, information technology materials, fuel, and lubricants for vehicles, as well as covering expenses for meetings or gatherings.

  c. Arrange transportation facilities for personnel, especially during travels to provinces for regular monitoring and exemption duties.

  d. Manage the sending, receiving, and archiving of electronic messages, while monitoring the system through the official internet or email address of the office.

  e. Develop and organize proposals, inquiries, and correspondences in Dari, Pashto, and English; send, follow up, and appropriately maintain them.


2. Managerial Responsibilities:

  a. Monitor the attendance of exemption personnel and report it to relevant authorities on a monthly basis.

  b. Oversee office supplies, technological tools, and office locations, ensuring their proper use; coordinate repairs in case of damage and replacements if they are non-functional, collaborating with the financial officer and authorized department advisor.

  c. Assign tasks to workers and drivers, while monitoring vehicle logbooks.

  d. Compile work reports from various departments, including financial, comprehension, training, monitoring, and surveillance; unify and send them monthly, quarterly, and annually to the National Exemption Supervisor and higher authorities (General Directorate of Preventive Medicine and others, if requested).

  e. Establish a systematic filing system in line with contemporary needs and updated methods.


3. Coordination Responsibilities:

  a. Coordinate administrative, financial, and procurement matters internally and externally with relevant departments.

  b. Foster coordination among all provincial offices, the National Vaccine Storage, and the central office.

  c. Relay directives and orders from authorities to the exemption department's supervisors and officers for all provinces through specified channels if necessary.

  d. Develop operational and annual work plans in coordination and consultation with the National Exemption Supervisor.

  e. Execute additional activities related to the assigned task by higher authorities and department officials.

  f. Provide annual reports and updates to the National Exemption Supervisor.



1. Afghan citizenship is a prerequisite.

2. Age should fall between 18 and 64 years.

3. Educational Background: A minimum of a Bachelor's degree, with a preference for higher education (Master's degree).

4. Work Experience: A minimum of three years in the administrative sector and one year in the financial and procurement sector.

5. Required Skills:

  a. Proficiency in national languages.

  b. Proficiency in English.

  c. Familiarity with various computer programs, especially Microsoft Office.