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Job Description

Job Details:

Objective of the Position: To elevate awareness levels among exemption staff at various levels, including vaccinators, for the effective and quality provision of health services in line with the national strategy of the Ministry of Public Health.


Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Specialized Tasks:

  a. Develop curriculum materials for training sessions.

  b. Adapt needs assessment for training.

  c. Collaborate with the National Exemption Supervisor in shaping policies and strategies of the Ministry of Public Health in the exemption field.

  d. Collaborate with the National Exemption Supervisor in designing annual programs nationwide and ensure the regularity of program plans at the provincial level.

  e. Supervise the functions of regional trainers and assistant trainers at the national level.


2. Managerial Tasks:

  a. Collaborate with the Head of National Exemption to obtain resources for training sessions.

  b. Arrange specific plans for training courses, including new vaccines.

  c. Design and renew guidelines for adapting various exemption programs.

  d. Supervise training activities.

  e. Collaborate in adapting training sessions.


3. Coordination Tasks:

  a. Coordinate with WHO and UNICEF technical partner offices.

  b. Follow up on capacity-building activities funded by donors.

  c. Develop guidelines in coordination with other units related to the national exemption.

  d. Participate in coordination meetings, workshops, and national and international training sessions.

  e. Develop operational plans and annual work plans in coordination and consultation with the National Exemption Supervisor.

  f. Execute other activities related to the assigned task by higher authorities and department officials.

  g. Provide annual reports to the National Exemption Supervisor.

  h. Act as a technical focal point in the GAVI-HSS project and coordinate activities with project officials in the national exemption and HSS department.

  i. Collaborate with the HSS team in proposal development for GAVI, prepare annual reports, and other requested reports, and submit them to the HSS and GAVI coordinator.



- Employment Conditions:

 1. Must be an Afghan citizen.

 2. Age should be between 18 and 64.

 3. Educational Background: Doctor of Medicine or graduate of a registered faculty in the field of medicine, with a preference for a master's degree.

 4. Work Experience: Two years of work experience in the health sector and one year of work experience in the exemption sector.

 5. Required Skills:

    a. Proficiency in national languages.

    b. Proficiency in English.

    c. Familiarity with computer programs (MS Office).


How to apply?

Electronic applications should be sent to the specified email. For hard copy submissions, please include the title of the position and the vacancy number.


Attach an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume with a recent photo, specifying exact dates/periods of work experience, graduation details, and any other relevant information.


Shortlisted candidates invited for tests/interviews must present original education documents.


Contact Person at Human Resources: HR Officer, MoPH-GD HR. Phone number: 0093-(0)-202312422.