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Job Description

Job Details:

The primary objective is to create awareness about the significance and administration of the tetanus vaccine, targeting a minimum of 80% of parents and the community, particularly women and girls of reproductive age, to align with the national strategy of the Ministry of Public Health.


Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Specialized Tasks:

  a. Develop strategies and guidelines for the execution of diverse vaccination exemption programs, encompassing routine and extensive vaccination campaigns to eliminate polio, reduce measles-related fatalities, and eradicate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

  b. Design and update branding materials in compliance with national health policy, and formulate guidelines for the utilization of advertising materials.

  c. Prepare and revise press statements for the coordination of events, including routine and extensive vaccination campaigns to eradicate polio, reduce measles-related deaths, and eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

  d. Prepare and update speech texts for relevant authorities in accordance with national health policy and country announcements, addressing frequently asked questions about the importance of vaccines and community concerns.

  e. Develop and update guidelines for media communication and sensitize national and provincial authorities about effective media engagement skills.

  f. Strengthen the capacity of community health workers, particularly in interpersonal communication with parents and guardians of children, regarding the importance of routine vaccines and communication about behavior change.


2. Managerial Tasks:

  a. Actively manage and lead advocacy activities for routine vaccination programs, extensive vaccination campaigns for polio eradication, reducing measles incidents, and eliminating neonatal and maternal tetanus.

  b. Prepare and organize annual work plans for national exemption programs and maintain regular communication with provincial exemption program managers for planning and implementation at the provincial level.

  c. Regularly convey crucial exemption messages to the public through mass media, radio, television, news, newspapers, and magazines.

  d. Design, print, and distribute advertising materials, including posters, banners, leaflets, brochures, billboards, and stands, ensuring effective use of promotional materials at various levels.

  e. Design, produce, and broadcast radio and television spots that align with national policies and religion, ensuring timely broadcasting of messages at various levels.

  f. Prepare, organize, and participate in monthly, quarterly, and annual negotiation sessions for the national exemption program with relevant authorities, ensuring the pursuit of agreed-upon activities.


3. Coordination Tasks:

  a. Regularly coordinate and establish communication with relevant individuals regarding the organization and conduct of events.

  b. Establish and maintain coordination with various organizations to raise awareness and encourage communities about vaccines, including the national exemption program.

  c. Establish and maintain direct and regular communication with provincial authorities to ensure the adaptation of the exemption program in the country.

  d. Develop operational plans and annual work plans in coordination and consultation with the national exemption program supervisor.

  e. Implement other activities related to the task assigned by higher authorities and departmental officials.

  f. Provide annual reports and updates to the national exemption program supervisor.



- Employment Conditions:

  1. Must hold Afghan citizenship.

  2. Age should be between 18 and 64.

  3. Educational Background: Preferably in journalism, literature, public relations, public health, with a master's degree.

  4. Work Experience: Minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience in public health, health education, and communication programs, or similar positions.

  5. Required Skills:

     a) Proficiency in national languages.

     b) Proficiency in English.

     c) Familiarity with computer programs (MS Office).


How to apply?

Electronic applications should be sent to the specified email. For hard copy submissions, please include the title of the position and the vacancy number.


Attach an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume with a recent photo, specifying exact dates/periods of work experience, graduation details, and any other relevant information.


Shortlisted candidates invited for tests/interviews must present original education documents.


Contact Person at Human Resources: HR Officer, MoPH-GD HR. Phone number: 0093-(0)-202312422.