Medical engineer
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Job Description

Job Details:

The primary goal of this position is to enhance aspects related to the refurbishment of medical equipment, with the aim of providing improved services.


Duties & Responsibilities:

Qualifications and duties associated with the position encompass:


Specialized Tasks:

1. Ensure the availability and repair of essential medical equipment.

2. Develop necessary protocols for healthcare staff to ensure the effective use and implementation of training programs.

3. Manage and improve biomedical engineering in relevant healthcare facilities.

4. Prepare equipment specifications and supervise the activities of technicians.


Managerial Tasks:

Execute other assignments delegated by the respective supervisor.

Prepare and structure monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans in alignment with the overall departmental plan to achieve specified objectives.

Present monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and, when required, update relevant authorities on activities and accomplishments in the respective department.

Coordinate additional tasks assigned by the relevant supervisor.



Employment Conditions:

This job description is formulated in accordance with Articles 87 and 34 of the Civil Service Employees Law, outlining the minimum qualifications and criteria as follows.


Educational Background: Possess at least a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering, with a preference for higher degrees in the specified field.


Work Experience: Hold a minimum of one year of pertinent work experience.


Required Skills: Proficiency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and familiarity with reading and writing in English, along with computer skills in relevant programs.


Submission Guideline:

Closure Instructions for Announcements:


- In case of necessity, contact the telephone number (0202312422) to resolve the issue.


You can acquire announcements for the mentioned vacancies from the General Management of Public Announcements and Recruitment of the Ministry of Public Health.


Attention: The Civil Service Department is for all the people of Afghanistan, and candidate selection is based on merit and suitability, without consideration of ethnic, racial, religious, or political factors. All segments of society are encouraged to actively participate in this competitive process. When applying, bring a photo, a copy of your ID, and a copy of your educational documents.



Dr. Aminullah (Matin)

Acting Head of the General Directorate of Human Resources