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Job Description

Job Description:




The incumbent is responsible for leading Performance Management in the AFIAT provinces. They support the BPHS/EPHS Service Provider (SP) NGOs operating under the Health Emergency Response (HER) project. The role involves close collaboration with SPs at the provincial level to successfully implement the HER contract for BPHS/EPHS, ensuring the delivery of quality health services and improved performance by incorporating findings and data from AFIAT quality improvement activities. The incumbent is tasked with coordinating and implementing provincial-level performance reviews in collaboration with AFIAT central office, HER MA firm, and other partners.


Major Activities / Responsibilities:


Technical Activities:

1. Provide data packs and reports needed for HER SPs’ performance management, including verified HMIS on key indicators, TPM data, WB-monitoring agent data, etc.

2. Offer technical support to SPs in adapting formats, procedures, and regulations for performance management, incorporating lessons and data from AFIAT’s quality improvement activities.

3. Conduct Quarterly Performance Review meetings at the provincial level, involving relevant stakeholders.

4. Compile recommendations from Performance Review Committees and other stakeholders regarding remedial action for poor-performing SPs.

5. Compile technical communications using inputs from technical partners in the province and send them to the provincial SP team and Principal Advisor for Performance Management.

6. Assess SPs' performance, submit Review Reports to relevant stakeholders for contract compliance and payment procedures.

7. Assess the management capacity of SPs at the provincial level to identify gaps for addressing in the provincial PIP.

8. Support SPs in further analyzing data to identify low-performing health facilities and take corrective measures.

9. Build SPs' capacity to understand and meet performance benchmarks set forth in HER performance management framework.

10. Provide technical inputs to develop an SP Performance Dashboard at the provincial level to understand sectorial performance in BPHS and EPHS.

11. Act as a point of contact for stakeholders involved in BPHS and EPHS at the provincial level, facilitating communication among stakeholders.



1. Develop Monthly Updates and Quarterly Performance Review reports through participation in SP’s internal meetings.

2. Establish the performance review committee at the province level.

3. Coordinate performance review issues regularly with SPs, AFIAT provincial, and central offices.



1. Conduct need-based field visits with SP’s technical personnel and AFIAT team to ensure performance requirements are met and produce a field mission report.



1. Provide performance review reports of related provinces to the supervisor.

2. Report to the Principal Advisor for Performance Management on a weekly basis.

3. Maintain a record of communications with the SPs.


Other Duties:

1. Provide technical and administrative support as requested by SPs and the AFIAT Principal Advisor for Performance Management.

2. Contribute to other relevant tasks and reports associated with SPs' performance.

3. Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


Job Requirements:



- Educational background in medicine or a relevant field in health sciences, and a master’s degree in public health (MPH).



- Seven plus (7+) years of experience in BPHS/EPHS contract management and implementation.

- Familiarity with the performance management and review system implemented under the Sehatmandi project is desirable.

- Experience working on quality improvement, data collection, analysis, and use.



- Prior experience and success in similar or larger international donor-funded projects.

- Proven record of aligning diverse, multi-disciplinary teams with project mission and vision.

- Ability to build and maintain relationships with senior-level colleagues, government agencies, NGOs, private sector groups, and donor organizations.

- Demonstrated abilities in conflict management, team building, supervision, written and oral communication, and negotiation skills.

- Proven analytical and data use skills, preferably in performance management.



- Excellent ethical conduct, honesty, and no criminal record.

- Medically fit with good interpersonal communication skills.

- Well-organized and detail-oriented.


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