Technical Health Manager (Re Announced)
2 weeks ago
According to organization salary scale
10 year
Job Description

Job Description:




As the Technical Health Manager, he will be accountable for ensuring the smooth implementation of all technical aspects of BPHS and assisting the Project Director in day-to-day activities. According to TECH-5 (project Work plan), he will oversee all activities from D1 (start-up) to D36 (project closing). Additionally, he is tasked with supervising and monitoring 46 BPHS HFs, 1 PH, school, managing the technical staff of the project, developing technical quarterly and monthly FMR reports, implementing HQIP, and tracking project target indicators.




1. Implement all CAF policies and contract requirements throughout project management.

2. Execute all technical activities of the project in adherence to the project work plan timeline.

3. Support the project management team to ensure overall management aligns with the agreed work plan and output and outcome indicators.

4. Strengthen coordination with PPHD and other stakeholders in support of the project management team.

5. Assist the project director in effectively leading, coaching, and mentoring the project management team.

6. Ensure services align with BPHS standards, supporting the project management team in achieving this goal.

7. Develop the project M&E plan, implement and follow up on the plan, report monitoring from BPHS HFs, participate in joint monitoring, mentor HFs staff, and present project target achievements.

8. Adopt a supportive supervision approach in BPHS facilities and monitor the quality of supervision and monitoring by the project team.

9. Conduct random monitoring of health facilities with the project team.

10. Follow up on monitoring action plans of external monitors, including the PHD and MoPH.

11. Plan, supervise, and implement nutrition activities, including IMAM and IYCF at HFs level, reporting of nutrition activities, defaulter tracking, distribution of therapeutic food, and coordination with stakeholders.

12. Manage Emergency Response at the project level, establishing a health emergency response team at different levels, ensuring DHs are ready 24/7 to respond to outbreaks or disasters.

13. Strengthen the referral system and support the project management team in maintaining a strong two-way referral between BPHS and EPHS and regional hospitals.

14. Ensure the Quality of BPHS Services, including infection prevention and waste management systems, leading the application of quality assurance (QA/HQIP) throughout the cycle at the provincial level.

15. Manage Human Resource Management and Development, supporting the project management in innovative approaches for staff recruitment and retention.

16. Conduct regular TNA for capacity building of staff, manage human resource development plans for staff, and assist the project director in regular performance appraisals of the project team.

17. Work with Health facilities staff to help them achieve given targets.

18. Strengthen coordination with PPHD and other stakeholders.

19. Coach and mentor the Provincial Performance Management unit.

20. Implement the BSC questionnaire in all Health Facilities and ensure HFs staff understand using the BSC result.

21. Improve HMIS verification results through various interventions of training, mentoring, checking, follow-up, and coaching of Management and Health facilities staff.

22. Ensure timely collection, compilation, review, accuracy, and consistency of various projects reports for submission to the provincial director.

23. Cooperate in problem-solving of the projects.

24. Supervise and monitor different types of HFs on a monthly basis and take corrective action on the spot.

25. Act as an observer during external monitoring, ensuring a remedial action plan is created by project staff, reviewed, and shared with related departments, and closely follow up on the implementation of that action plan.

26. Emergency Response: Ensure the hospital is ready 24/7 to respond to any outbreak of diseases or any natural or manmade disaster. Establish/strengthen health emergency preparedness and response teams, coordinating with the Provincial DEWS Dept.

27. Strengthen the referral system: Ensure a strong two-way referral is maintained between BPHS and EPHS and regional hospitals.

28. For Recording and Reporting, ensure all activities are properly documented, available, and data are used for further improvement of BPHS services and management.




- Act according to the policies of CAF.

- Maintain confidentiality with issues related to CAF.

- Develop a spirit of cooperation and understanding among team members.

- Work with honesty, a cooperative attitude, and maintain a high standard of quality.


Job Requirements:




- Medical Degree and a master’s degree in public health or the medical field is an advantage.

- 10 years of experience managing health programs.

- Strong managerial team building skills.

- Training in hospital management or equivalent.

- Fluency in English and local languages.

- Good communication and presentation skills.

- Proper leadership skills.




- Excellent knowledge of the English language (verbal and written).

- Excellent interpersonal skills.

- Proactive approach to solving issues.

- Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

- Ability to create a supportive working relationship with all project teams.

- Ability to work under pressure.

- Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel, and Word.


Submission Guideline:




CV along with a cover letterhead should be sent to:


HQ Office Address: House # 2194, Street # 7th Qala-E-Fatullah Khan District # 10th -Kabul Afghanistan




Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for Interviews.


Important Note: Applicants should copy and paste the Vacancy Announcement (VA) Number, VA # 660/2023 into the email subject line.


Note: Due to the requirement of the position, whenever we find a qualified candidate according to the announcement, we will begin the recruitment process before the due date.


Submission Email: