Ministry of Public Health
  • Kabul, Afghanistan
About Us

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has a crucial responsibility: to provide sustainable and accessible healthcare services to the people of Afghanistan, contributing to social and economic progress. A flourishing and healthy society is essential for achieving overall development. The success of MoPH hinges on its capacity to plan and utilize allocated resources effectively. Effective financial management plays a pivotal role in sustainable development, serving as the primary tool to translate MoPH development strategies into tangible outcomes and service delivery.


Transparent management of the MoPH budget is vital for good governance and democratic accountability. Ineffective financial management not only undermines the efficiency of development interventions but also impedes the country's journey toward enhanced and sustainable healthcare. Currently, the MoPH finance directorate is undergoing a reform process. After examining the financial structures of other line ministries like MRRD, MoE, and MAIL, the MoPH has proposed a new standardized structure, endorsed by MoPH leadership. To implement this, the MoPH is seeking a qualified individual to head the coordination and reporting unit, responsible for overseeing overall coordination and financial reporting.