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The Department of Provisions was established in 1316 under the name of the General Management of Grain Procurement in the government depots. Over time, it expanded its activities in various periods and established representations in provinces. In accordance with the needs of this department, assets such as shops, warehouses, administrative repairs, relief repairs, and agricultural lands were placed under its authority. It continued its activities under the same name until 1333.  


In 1343, it operated as the Administrative Unit for Provisions and Meeting Public Needs. In 1346, under the name "Afghanistan's Food and General Materials Institute," it continued its activities. In 1350, with the approval of the charter, it was named the Public Provisioning Department and assumed responsibility for provisions and meeting public needs. It managed depots, warehouses, and five national silos and was able to supply rations to approximately 450,000 government employees and distribute raw materials.  


This process continued until early 1371, constituting the core activities of this department. With the advent of the Mujahideen government due to internal wars, the stocks, warehouses, and assets, including depots and even transportation facilities and other resources, were lost due to the incapacity of the Afghan government at that time. Temporarily, through the implementation of government company laws, the Provisions Department was adjusted to a government company, and, according to Presidential Decree No. 28 dated 15/11/1398, it was merged into the esteemed Development National Company.  


Later, according to Directive No. 4988 dated 18/11/1399 of the esteemed President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the groundwork was provided for the establishment of an independent company for the Provisioning Department. The charter of the state-owned Provisioning Company has gone through the necessary stages through the Ministry of Finance and the judiciary.


In the year 1400, due to the tireless efforts of the leadership of the state-owned Provisions Company and in collaboration with the esteemed Police and Strategy Department of the Afghan government, contracts for the supply of food items needed for the dormitories of universities were practically initiated. In government depots (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Public Health) were acquired. In the fiscal year 1401, the state-owned Provisions Company, in cooperation with the esteemed ministries (Higher Education, Defense, Interior), and other government ministries in need of funding for food supplies, has been in progress. The process of supplying food items for the dormitories of the esteemed Ministry of Higher Education in the center and provinces, with a total volume of approximately one billion Afghanis, has been practically completed through contract agreements and is currently in the adaptation phase. Also, from the second half of the year 1401, the project to fund dry goods and legumes for the esteemed Ministry of Interior throughout the country, worth approximately two billion Afghanis, was acquired, and its process has practically been completed.


In 1402, the state-owned Provisions Company, according to its work and commercial plan, was able to contract for the supply of food items for the dormitories of universities in the center and provinces of the esteemed Ministry of Higher Education, and its process of completing these food supplies is currently underway.