Roots of Peace
About Us

Roots of Peace is a humanitarian organization that, in collaboration with partners, has been dedicated to the rehabilitation of war-torn regions globally. Our focus is on clearing war remnants, including landmines and unexploded ordnance, with the goal of restoring the land and fostering the development of peaceful communities for future generations. Over the past two decades, our acclaimed "Mines to Vines" strategy has positively influenced a million farmers and families, facilitating exports exceeding $150 million to international markets.


Since our inception in Afghanistan in 2003, Roots of Peace has actively engaged in agricultural value chains across every province in the country. This effort has resulted in 100,000 tons of exports and the creation of over 9,000 full-time agribusiness positions, benefiting more than 38,000 families through our value chain initiatives. By employing the ROP Development Model, our organization strives to comprehensively develop agricultural value chains, serving as a catalyst for broad industry impact. This approach aims to enhance incomes for smallholder farmers, bring peace to rural communities, and contribute to the transformation of national industries, spanning from farmers to exporters.