Hindukush Bridge ICT-Services Company
About Us

HKB-ICT is a prominent company specializing in internet and communication, aiming to connect Afghanistan to the online world in the coming decade.

Located in Kabul, Hindukush Bridge ICT Services Company specializes in providing internet services to a wide range of clients, including NGOs, government bodies, local offices, and individual users across Afghanistan. This company is entirely Afghan-owned and is managed by a team of highly experienced professionals with more than a decade of expertise in the ISP and ICT sector, collaborating with both national and international organizations.

Hindukush Bridge has forged robust partnerships with major players in the satellite and telecom industry. We offer an array of value-added services to our partners and customers across Afghanistan, supported by a 24/7 Network Operation Center.

Operating under a valid License Number (66724) issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Hindukush Bridge ICT Services Company is proud to have a dedicated and skilled staff with proficiency in diverse areas, including surveying, analysis, budgeting, project management, reporting, documentation, and data-related matters.